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Content Creation At Your Fingertips

Content Creation

Generate all the essentials and more for your class: course description, outline, activities, quizzes, lesson plans and more materials all in one place.

Revamp your Course

Experience the ultimate control over your content creation: you have the power to re-generate, edit , update, save or delete anything you create.


Use your existing content as a starting point tio improve your content. Effortesly import and export to Word and easily share your content via a unique URL.


A premium translation service will be integrated to CourseGenie, allowing you to translate your content with the click of a button.

The Problem

The Untold Classroom Struggles

Time is a scarce resource for educators. Between crafting lesson plans and finding quality teaching materials, the admin load is overwhelming. This often takes the focus away from what really matters: enriching student learning.

The Solution

We've got you covered. Our platform simplifies course creation, lesson planning and offers a rich toolbox for creating top-notch material like assessments, activities, projects and other content. The result? More time to enrich your students' learning experiences.

Price & Plans


Get full access to all our features to start your content creation journey. Create up to 8 educational resources each month, all for free.




Unlock full access to all our tools and features. Develop up to 75 educational resources each month, ranging from courses to quizzes and more.




Unlock full access to all our tools and features. Develop up to 300 educational resources each month, ranging from courses to quizzes and more.




Educators who use CourseGenie, said:

“CourseGenie has revolutionized my teaching experience providing an intuitive and efficient platform for creating comprehensive course materials that engage and motivate students ”

Deena Nichols

Primary School teacher

“CourseGenie has provided invaluable tools to provide clear objectives, design meaningful activities and create actionable feedback reports to my students”

Andrew Michaels

High School teacher

“There's a new tool every time I log into CourseGenie! I've been able to re-design my courses, align my SKA objectives to my learning outcomes and design projects which build actual skills”

Frank Dubois

Professional Development instructor

Create courses


Do you want to create a new course? Enter your course title and audience.

Course Description

CourseGenie will generate a course description which you can edit or regenerate


A course outline will be generated based on the course description.

Course Material

CourseGenie will generate material like objectives, activities, examples and quiz.

Lesson Plan

The generated course material can be used to generate lesson plans and other related material


Share your work with a url, export for editing, come back to update it later on or translate to a multitude of languages